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A.C.E Affiliates Co-Sponsor in Education

Sponsorships are now available

for three (3) Limited, Premier Educational Events that offer the BEST marketing and advertising experience for you and your business.

LIBOR Realtor® members will attend each A.C.E. program FREE and will earn NYS CE credits. Each A.C.E. event will feature a nationally recognized instructor. You, as the sponsor, can benefit from the marketing opportunity A.C.E. programs present.

Realtors® are a great source of referrals and new business. Take advantage of this exclusive offer to reach a captive audience of local Realtors® to move your business forward and to the next level.

August, September and October Programs
Now Available for Sponsorship. Inquire Now!

A.C.E Program
For more information on how you can be the PREMIER SPONSOR at an A.C.E. Program, contact
Mary Ann Monteleone, VP Professional Development at (631) 661-4800 ext. 360 or mmontel@lirealtor.com.