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Online Courses - Group 2

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Course NameHoursPrice
Evolving Real Estate Finance Laws 2.00$20
NY License Law & Agency 2.00$20
ADA and Fair Housing 3.75$35
Ethics in Real Estate (2 Hr Agency) 3.75$35
Introduction to Real Estate Ethics 3.75$35
Prequalifying your Buyer in Todays Market - NEW 3.75$35
Principles of Commercial Real Estate 3.75$35
Respa Reform 3.75$35
Short Sales and Foreclosures - NEW 3.75$35
Tax Free Exchanges of Residential Property 3.75$35
Anti-Discrimination Laws 4.00$40
Ethics: Disclosure and Cooperation 4.00$40
Leading and Communicating Effectively 4.00$40
Minimizing Risk with Effective Practices 4.00$40
Technology Trends in Real Estate 4.00$40
Basic Real Estate Finance 7.50$55
Building a Green Home - NEW 7.50$55
Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis 7.50$55
Commercial Leases 7.50$55
Commercial Sales & Exchange 7.50$55
Methods of Residential Financing 7.50$55
New York License Law and Contracts 7.50$55
Pricing Property to Sell 7.50$55
Property Valuation: Cost Approach Overview 7.50$55
Property Valuation: Income Capitalization Overview 7.50$55
Property Valuation: Sales Comparison Approach 7.50$55
Structuring Ownership In Commercial Real Estate - NEW 7.50$55
Tax Advantages of Homeownership 7.50$55

Online Courses - Group 3

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Course NameHoursPrice
Common Violations in Agency Law (1 Hr Agency) - NEW 1.00$15
Advocating for Short Sale Clients 3.00$30
Anatomy of Commercial Building 3.00$30
Breaking Barriers: Fair Housing 3.00$30
Client Advocacy in Commercial Real Estate - NEW 3.00$30
Code of Ethics: Good For Your Clients and Your Business (1 Hr Agency) 3.00$30
Commercial Ethics (1 Hr Agency) 3.00$30
Determining Value of Commercial Properties 3.00$30
Did You Serve? Identifying Home buying Advantages for Veterans 3.00$30
Going Green: The Environmental Movement in Real Estate 3.00$30
Investment Strategies in Commercial Real Estate 3.00$30
Keeping it Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud 3.00$30
Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Compliance - NEW 3.00$30
Personal Safety - NEW 3.00$30
Sign Here: Contract Law on E-Signatures 3.00$30
The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate 3.00$30
Fair Housing and Agency in New York (includes Fair Housing and 1 hr. of Agency) - NEW 4.00$40
Residential Property Management Essentials - NEW 4.00$40
Title & Escrow: Two Families One Transaction - NEW 4.00$40
Uncle Sam has Homes for Sale: Listing and Selling HUD Homes 4.00$40
Foundations of Real Estate Finance 4.50$45
From Contract to Keys: The Mortgage Process 6.00$55