End of Session Update for 2021

Jun 14, 2021

State lawmakers conclude this year’s legislative session

The state Legislature concluded this year’s legislative session in the early hours of Friday morning after a marathon of bill passages. However, lawmakers have not ruled out returning to Albany to take up new business later in the year. Notable bills to our industry approved by both houses during the final days of the session, which await Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s consideration, include: 

  • S.538-B/A.4638-A: Adds 2 hours of implicit bias education for real estate licensees within the 22.5 hours of CE requirements. (NYSAR supported) 
  • S.2132-B/A.5359: Increases pre-licensing broker and salesperson course hour requirements and requires instructors’ compliance in course education under oath. (NYSAR supported) 
  • A.844-A/S.979-A: Adds 2 hours of cultural competency education for real estate licensees within the 22.5 hours of CE requirements. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.5363/S2133-A: Adds an additional $30 surcharge to the license fee for real estate brokers and an additional $10 surcharge to the license fee for real estate salespersons to be used for statewide fair housing testing efforts. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.6355/S.2157-A:Requires two years’ experience as an associate broker before designation as an office manager. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.4587-A/S.6877: Excludes certain seasonal use tenancies from the 2019 Tenant Protection Act provisions regulating deposits and advances. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.6593-B/S.5257-C: Creates the Housing our Neighbors with Dignity Act, allowing the state to finance the purchase and conversion of distressed hotels and vacant commercial space into permanent affordable housing.
  • A.3807-A/S.2193-A: Establishes an affordable housing five-year capital plan for NYS Homes and Community Renewal. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.399-B/S.1780-C: Allows for notarization to be done electronically with the use of video conference technology. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.2633/S.6492: Authorizes towns in the Peconic Bay region to establish community housing funds to be funded by a supplemental real estate transfer tax, while reducing the overall real estate transfer tax on properties under $1 million and increasing the purchase price limit for exemption for first time home buyers. (NYSAR supported)
  • A.5761/S.1811: Authorizes the town of Blooming Grove to establish a community preservation fund and establishes a real estate transfer tax with revenues therefrom to be deposited in such fund, pending public referendum. (NYSAR opposed)

NYSAR opposed the following bills which were not approved by the state Legislature:

  • A.6608/S.2142-A: Would have required property owners to conduct lead paint tests and provide the reports of such test in certain real estate transactions.
  • A.7850/S.5116-C: Would have expanded DEC authority over the delineation of freshwater wetland boundaries.  
  • A.6967/S.4264-A: Would have enacted the Climate and Community Investment Act to impose new taxes and fees on carbon based emissions resulting in higher costs for consumers.  
  • A.6539-B/S.5144-B: Would have prohibited enforcement of personal liability provisions against individuals in the event of default on a commercial lease due to COVID-related hardships.

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