There Is No Inventory!

Sep 10, 2019

Q. How do I get the listing agents to co-broke their listings with me since there are so few houses on the market?

A. The listing office is never required to co-broke with another office! If you are a buyer’s agent, however, the listing office must cooperate with you and allow you to show the property to your buyer. The listing office does not have to pay you. Isn’t it untrustworthy if the listing office refuses to pay the buyer broker?

A. No, if the listing broker has not offered compensation to a buyer broker it is not considered untrustworthy. The buyer broker has no idea what compensation is being paid to the listing office. The buyer can pay the buyer broker, and the listing broker has no idea what the buyer’s compensation is, either!

Q. If I am a buyer’s agent and I put my commission in the off er, then the seller will have to pay me, won’t he?

A. Only if the seller agrees to pay you.

Q. My buyer made a full price offer to the seller but the seller refuses to accept it. Isn’t the seller obligated to accept a full price offer?

A. No!

Q. If my buyer makes a full price offer, even if the seller will not accept it. aren’t I entitled to a commission?

A. Maybe, but it all depends on a number of factors, for instance: Is the off er all cash? Will the buyer close any time the seller wishes to do so? Does the buyer have any contingencies the seller will have to accept? And so on and so forth!

Q. The buyer signed a contract but made some changes the seller will not accept and now the seller has accepted another offer by another buyer. Doesn’t the seller owe my offi ce a commission?

A. Probably not. The Courts may say you did not have a ready, willing and able buyer willing to perform at terms and conditions acceptable to the seller due to the unauthorized changes the buyer made to the contract.

Q. What do I do if the buyers refuse to sign an Agency Disclosure?

A. You have to sign the Declaration that you gave them the Disclosure but they would not sign it. LIBOR has an Affirmation in Documents on Demand, Document #211, that is a sworn statement and does not need to be notarized.

Q. A buyer came into my Open House, told me he was not working with any other agent, loved the house, made an offer, which I negotiated and got accepted by the seller and now, after the deal has already been made, another agent called to tell me those are his buyers and he wants to be paid a commission. What do I do?

A. Tell him to bring an Arbitration and prove that he was the procuring cause of the sale and therefore entitled to a commission!