Lead Hazard Disclosures

May 14, 2019

Lead Hazard Disclosures are required under Federal Law for any residential property for sale or rent if the property was built before 1978.

Failure to give the Disclosure to the buyer or tenant prior to the buyer or tenant’s offer is made can result in a $25,000.00 fine against the agent.

On occasion agents will erroneously be told that the Lead Hazard Disclosure is not required if the sale is from an estate or out of a trust.  This is not correct! You do need a Lead Hazard Disclosure for sales from an estate or trust.

The only times you will not need a Lead Hazard Disclosure is for any of the following:

  • the house was built after 1978
  • housing for the elderly or persons with disabilities (unless any child who is less than 6 years old lives there)
  • any 0-bedroom dwelling
  • short-term leases of 100 days or less
  • renewal of existing leases in target housing
  • sales of target housing (built before 1978) at foreclosure