Team Tips

Sep 06, 2019

The DOS would consider it misleading for a Team Leader to take credit for transactions conducted by other Team Members. 

The Team Leader cannot take credit for all the transactions of the entire Team. 

Only the Team Member acting as the selling or listing agent can take credit for the transaction.

The Team Leader cannot take credit for a listing merely for running a Team.

Any Team policies must be reviewed by the Broker.

The Broker is responsible for anyone hired by a Team Member.

Team Personal Assistants must not perform any licensed activities.

Teams are prohibited from paying unlicensed personal assistants based on commissions or success of transactions.

Team policies and procedures that misclassify independent contractor status will expose the Broker to liability.

Any Team policies and procedures must be reviewed and approved by the Broker.

All licensed related activities must be done by individual licensees, not the Team.

Broker must approve all Team activities.

A Team is not a licensed entity and is prohibited from advertising or acting as such.

Teams must NOT be issuing independent contractor agreements to Team Members.

Independent contractor agreements are between the Broker and Associated Licensees only.

Remember: if a Team or Team Member did it, so did the Broker!