NOTICE: OCTOBER 9, 2019 is the last date to be in compliance with the NYS Sexual Harassment Law

Oct 04, 2019

By October 9, 2019, employers/brokers with one or more employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training for their employees. 

The New York State Association of REALTORS® entered into an arrangement with a company called Benetech to provide sexual harassment training packages to our members at a discount.  Please use this link for further information:

Below is a recap of the specifics of the new sexual harassment laws as they pertain to New York City and New York State.

New York State and New York City Sexual Harassment Laws apply to Brokerages!  Be aware of the differences between the two laws, as discussed below.

1. New York City Sexual Harassment Law

New York City employers, including brokers, with 15 or more employees must conduct annual anti-sexual harassment training to all employees including real estate agents who are independent contractors.  Effective April 2019 employers have one year to conduct the training.  The New York City Commission on Human Rights will have on its website an online training course that employers can use. 

All employers/brokers in New York City are required to conspicuously display anti-sexual harassment rights and responsibilities notices in both English and Spanish and deliver a fact sheet to each employee/independent contractor at the time of hire.

For more information on the New York City law and requirements, and to obtain a copy of the notice and fact sheet, please go to

2. New York State Law

All employers (including brokers) with one or more employees must adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy.  By October 9, 2019 employers/brokers must provide sexual harassment training to all employees, NOT including real estate agents who are independent contractors, and yearly thereafter.  All newly hired employees must complete the sexual harassment training as soon as possible after their start date.

The sexual harassment policy must include a complaint form and the policy must be prominently displayed in all work locations. 

The training may be in-person or online as long as it is interactive.  Please refer to the NYS website at  for a detailed explanation of the requirements for office harassment policies, model policies, posters, and a sexual harassment prevention tool kit.