Green Principles

The following are the goals and principles guiding today's REALTORS® who are striving to green their businesses in conjunction with existing REALTOR® policy.

  • Seek to raise member and public awareness regarding the relationship and impact of Green on our industry.
  • Help to develop Green practices in the daily operations of LIBOR facilities
  • Seek to raise awareness among the LIBOR membership about conducting business in an environmentally sound and beneficial manner.
  • Form alliances with knowledgeable and committed Green service providers who can further assist Brokers in creating healthier more energy efficient work environments- saving money as well as saving the planet.
  • Educate membership about the value of Green principles in creating healthier and more energy efficient homes, work environments and communities.
  • Educate the LIBOR membership about what constitutes a Green Home or Building.
  • Insure that Green features and enhancements are represented accurately and completely for any real estate property.
  • Form alliances with knowledgeable and committed Green service providers who will serve as a resource for Realtors in their effort to assist buyers and sellers seeking Green real estate.
  • Partner with local, county and state government agencies to learn about Green standards for building codes and zoning ordinances in order to keep agents informed of local code changes as they occur.
  • Partner with related professionals that are involved in the housing industry such as the US Green Builders Council of Long Island, the Long Island Builders Institute and the NY State Association of Builders to develop a better understanding and working knowledge of Green as it relates to real estate.