Need TECH Help? Connect with Beth Online! Easy, Inexpensive & Effective

Apr 19, 2019

Set up a 1-hour private online session with tech trainer Beth O'Connor for the help YOU need.  No need to be intimidated - many beginners have signed up and love the easy format and no-pressure style of learning.

We'll send you a link to connect to Beth's PC and you'll hear each other through your computer's microphone and speakers.  Beth can also connect to your PC if you'd prefer, to help diagnose any issues you're having.  And you can try out what you've learned.

Register for a session TODAY - lots of convenient daytime and evening hours!

We can cover Stratus, Stratus Collab, RPR, Instanet, Homesnap, Excel, iPhone, Zillow and more!

Have questions?  email Beth at

Let's learn together online!