Frequently Asked Questions

A. LIBOR dues for 2023 have not increased. However, New York State Association of REALTORS® (NYSAR) increased from $100 to $120, and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Advertising Campaign increased from $35 to $45.  The total increase for 2023 is $30.

A. The bill is emailed in late August.  An invoice is sent to the Broker and every active Licensee affiliated with that Broker.

A. By September 30th

A.  LIBOR dues consist of local fees (LIBOR), state fees (NYSAR) and national fees (NAR).  By paying your dues you automatically become a member of all 3 associations.

A. In addition to access to Stratus, there are a variety of discount programs and benefits available to members. A list is available on this web site, in Member Benefits

A. No, you would not save any money. Dues are not pro-rated if you renew within the same membership year.

A. Send an email to LIBOR Membership at

A. Dues for 2023 are $545.00 for every Designated REALTOR® (DR) and an additional $545.00 for each licensee that the broker sponsors. Also, for each new LIBOR Member Applicant, a one-time New Agent Processing Fee of $25.00 is required with their initial dues payment. LIBOR dues are pro-rated every month. The pro-rated schedule is as follows






Oct 1-31





Nov 1-30





Dec 1-31





Jan 1-31





Feb 1-28





Mar 1-31





Apr 1-30





May 1-31





Jun 1-30





Jul 1-31





Aug 1-31





Sep 1-30






A. No. LIBOR must rely on its members to keep us updated on changes of association, terminations and new licensees. DOS is consulted but does not notify us directly. Designated REALTORS® are required to notify LIBOR of any changes within 10 days of occurrence.

A. Yes. All affiliated licensees must be registered with LIBOR.

A.Terminations: submit to LIBOR a copy of the “Terminate Associations-Summary” confirmation page from the Department of State. Please note: Request Termination-Summary pages are not complete terminations, and we will not be able to remove a licensee until we receive the “Terminate Associations-Summary” confirmation page. There is no fee for this. 

Expiration of License: if an affiliated licensee’s license expires and you are not renewing it, terminate the license via eAccessNY and send LIBOR the “Terminate Associations-Summary.”

Changes of Association: submit to LIBOR a copy of the “Change Associations-Summary” from the Department of State. The fee for this is $20 per licensee.

Newly Licensed Agent: submit to LIBOR a completed REALTOR® application and an appropriate dues payment. Membership in LIBOR will be considered a “Provisional Membership” until the applicant has completed the mandatory New Member Orientation Program. New Members have 90 days from the date of their application to LIBOR to complete the course. As of January 1, 2023, new applicants must also satisfy NAR’s Fairhaven Simulation in addition to satisfying New Member Orientation. The REALTOR® application is available here

A. No. If your license expires, you will no longer be considered an active member with LIBOR and your access to MLS will be suspended pending renewal.

A. You will have to fax us a copy of the license renewal confirmation page at 631-661-8136, or you can call us directly and we will check it on the Dept. of State website. Once your license is renewed, please contact LIBOR so we can restore your services within 24-48 hours.

A. Access to OneKey® MLS and the STRATUS program are benefits available only to members of LIBOR or another REALTOR® Board. To gain access to Stratus you must be a Designated REALTOR® Broker in good standing with a REALTOR® Board or a licensee who is affiliated with the Member Broker.

A. You must log on to to make this change. Print out a copy of the confirmation page and submit it to LIBOR, Attention: Debbie Colombo

A. You may change your own personal information online at All you need to do is click Login, then My Account, followed by Go to My Profile. Once there, click Manage My Account, then scroll down to Home Address. You can also make payments on this page, as well as RPAC contributions, and also track your LIBOR education history.

Albany - (518) 474-4429
Hauppauge - (631) 952-6579
Manhattan- (212) 417-5747
Binghamton – (607) 721-8757 (9am – 3pm M-F)
Buffalo – (716) 847-7110 (9am – 3pm M-F)
Syracuse – (315) 428- 4258 (8:30am – 4:30pm Mondays only)
Utica – (315) 793-2533 (9am – 3pm M-F)