Wednesday Webinar Series

The Long Island Board of REALTORS® is pleased to present our Wednesday Webinar Series. Join us for mid-week mental refreshes with industry renowned speakers and stay up to date on information and technology to support your professional growth and further your success. Watch your emails for details on our upcoming webinars.


Upcoming Webinars:

  • WEB SERIES Squares 2022

LIBOR Recorded Webinars:

Elliot Eisenberg


Doug Devitre Webinar:

Jared James 250 (1)

Jared James Webinar:

Jeff Lobb Web

PIVOT! Win the Second Half


Keeping Current Matters Webinar:


Juanita McDowell Webinar

Craig Grant Web

Craig Grant Webinar

Laureen Web

Laureen Zarba Webinar:

At Home Together Broker web

@ Home Together, Broker Webinar:

At Home Together Broker web

Steve Murray Webinar:

Beth OConnor web

Beth O'Connor Webinar:

Bryan Greene web

Bryan Greene Webinar:

Alicia Berruti web

Alicia Berutti Webinar:

LIBOR Legal web

LIBOR Legal Webinar:

Please call the NYSAR Legal Hotline for Questions at 518-436-9727

G. William James Webinar:

Seth Palmer Webinar:

Jay Gootenberg

Jay Gootenberg Webinar

Dr. Lee Davenport

Dr. Lee Webinar:

Nate K. Johnson

Nate K. Johnson Webinar:

Gewn O'Shea

Gwen O'Shea Webinar:

andy thaw

Andy Thaw Webinar:

Dana Nowick

Dana Nowick Webinar:

Jessica Lautz

Jessica Lautz Webinar:

Dave Legaz

Dave Legaz Webinar:

Your Safety Is Non-Negotiable

Your Safety Is Non-Negotiable Webinar:

How To Spruce Up Your Listings

Beth O'Connor Webinar:

Social Media Best Practices During Changing Times

Pam Gee Webinar:

Lugo Webinar 114

Linda Lugo Webinar:

Ed Smith Webinar 1118

Edward Smith, Jr. Webinar:

Brittany Matott Webinar 1125

Brittany Matott Webinar:

Beth Webinar 122

Beth O'Connor Webinar:

Laureen Webinar 129

Laureen Zarba Webinar:

Beth Webinar 16

Beth O'Connor Webinar:

Market Update 113

Keeping Current Matters Webinar:

Nassau County Fair Housing Webinar

Nassau County Fair Housing Webinar:

Christy Murdock Webinar

Christy Murdock Edgar Webinar

Prospect Match Vs. Collab Webinar

Prospect Match Vs. Collab Webinar:

Sales Like Never Before in 2021 Webinar With Connie Podesta

Sales Like Never Before in 2021 Webinar:

Jay G Webinar

2021 RPR - Realtor Property Resource Update


Webinar Wellness Wednesday: Everyday Mindfulness

Katheryn DeClerk Webinar

Multiple Offers in a Hot Sellers Market

Top 10 Reasons to Double Down on Social Media and Virtual Tools

What the Heck is NAR Up to Now?

Global Engagement Opportunity Awaits

Update from NAR on Fair Housing Policies and Initiatives

Review of NAR Data – A Snapshot of Race and Homebuying in America

Eliminating Bias and Discrimination in our Community

Subconscious Implicit Bias and Fair Housing

A REALTORS® Roadmap to Financial Independence

Top Tips for Presenting Virtually with ZOOM for REALTORS®

Blogging 101: Starting a Blog as the Core of your Content Marketing Plan

Select Google Local, Google Reviews and Your Online Reputation

Have Your Listing Packet Digitally Signed – We’ll Show You How!


MLS Required Forms: Coming Soon, TOM/No Showings and More

How to Present Your Listings Virtually Using Zoom

How to Navigate Nassau County Property Assessments

Economic Outlook for Long Island and the Housing Market 2021 - 2022

Everything You Need to Know about OneKey MLS

Easy Real Estate Market Reports from Stratus

Real Estate Technology Institute How to Run Your Business on Google and the Cloud

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and NFTS and its Impact on Real Estate

Preventing REALTOR® Burn-Out: How to Re-energize and Re-ignite

Don't Gamble with your Safety

Zooms Latest Features and Enhancement and How to Use the in Your Business!

How to Develop a Positive and Resilient Mindset

Intermediate Stratus

How Generate Quality Leads with Remine – A FREE OneKey MLS Benefit

Leveraging Community Partnerships and Landlord Incentives to House Vulnerable Populations

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Bryan Greene